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Taranaki real estate photography

Enhance your property listings with Taranaki Media’s professional real estate photography services. Our high-resolution photos, immersive videos, and targeted marketing solutions ensure your property stands out and sells faster.

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Flexible Taranaki real estate photography and property marketing services


High-quality photography captures the unique charm and essential features of a property, presenting it in the most appealing light to attract potential buyers. These professional photos can significantly enhance online listings and printed materials, making a lasting first impression.


Highlight videos give prospective buyers a dynamic and immersive view of the property, allowing them to visualise living in the space from the comfort of their own homes. Videos can effectively highlight the flow of the property and the relationship between spaces, which photos alone might not convey.

Facebook ads

Targeted Facebook ads reach a larger and more specific audience, increasing the visibility and interest in your property. This strategic approach ensures your property is seen by thousands of potential buyers who are most likely to be interested, enhancing the chances of a quicker sale.

Drone photos

Drone photography provides stunning aerial views that showcase the entirety of a property and its surroundings, offering a perspective that traditional photography cannot match. These images are particularly effective for highlighting large properties, scenic views, and proximity to amenities.

Floor plans

Floor plans of a property help potential buyers understand the layout and potential of a space, making it easier for them to imagine their own setup. Floor plans are a critical tool in online listings, adding a professional touch that can drive higher engagement and interest.


Our package deals combine several of our real estate marketing services at a discounted rate, providing comprehensive coverage that enhances the appeal and visibility of your property. They are designed to meet diverse marketing needs, ensuring you get the best value and maximum exposure for your listing.

Chat with us about your requirements

We’d love to catch up to see if we’d be a good fit. At Taranaki Media, we build long term relationships with our clients and always aim to be as flexible as possible.

"Always flexible and a pleasure to work with. Photos are fantastic and vendors love them too!"

Laurel Caskey, Real Estate Agent

Price List

  • Photography $209+gst

    Up to 30 photos.

  • Bare Land Photography $109+gst

    Up to 10 photos.

  • Drone Photography $159+gst

    Up to 10 photos.

  • Floor Plans $99+gst

    Basic 2D floor plan. Additional fee applies for properties larger than 250sqm.

  • Videos $299+gst

    Property Highlights video up to 2 mins, including agent intro/outro with audio. Add $89+gst to include drone footage in the video.

  • Facebook Ad Campaigns from $199+gst

    Facebook paid ad campaign targeting buyers in your selected cities or suburbs. Includes a weekly report for you and your vendors. Instagram can be included.

    Bronze: $199+gst - 2 week campaign with approx 2,500 views
    Silver: $299+gst - 3 week campaign with approx 5,000 views
    Gold: $499+gst - 4 week campaign with approx 10,000 views

Package Deals


Save money on marketing essentials
$ 399 +gst
  • Save $58+gst (usually $457+gst)
  • Photography
  • Drone photos
  • Floor plan


Showcase more and stand out
$ 699 +gst
  • Save $156+gst (usually $855+gst)
  • Photography
  • Drone photos
  • Floor plan
  • Property highlight video, including agent intro/outro with audio
  • Drone footage for the video


Reach thousands more buyers
$ 1,099 +gst
  • Save $503+gst (usually $1,602+gst)
  • Photography
  • Drone photos
  • Floor plan
  • Property highlight video, including agent intro/outro with audio
  • Drone footage for the video
  • Vertical version of your property video for social media (TikTok, FB & Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, etc)
  • Short "Sneak peek" video
  • 4 week Facebook ad campaign targeting buyers in your selected areas - approx 10,000 views
  • Weekly Facebook Results Report for you and/or your vendors
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Why choose Taranaki Media for real estate photography?

Choose Taranaki Media for your real estate photography needs and enjoy unparalleled flexibility with weekend availability and no exclusive contracts. Benefit from our commitment to quality and value, including free travel within Taranaki, rapid turnaround times, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Available weekends

We are flexible, with availability on any day of the week.

No exclusive contracts

Taranaki Media doesn't lock you into any exclusive contracts.

Free travel in Taranaki

All of our pricing includes travel anywhere in the Taranaki region.

Affordable high quality

Our rates are designed to give you high quality results for maximum value.

Fast turnaround

Photos are delivered within 24-48 hours, and videos 24-72 hours.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you aren't satisfied for whatever reason, we'll make it right.

Trusted in Taranaki with years of experience

Tony Skilling, the owner and operator of Taranaki Media, brings a wealth of expertise from his extensive background in photography, marketing, and real estate. With four years as a real estate agent and 85+ property sales, Tony uniquely understands how to present your property to achieve optimal results. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and get started.

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Examples of our real estate photography

Explore our portfolio to see the results we deliver through our real estate photography services. Click through to view photos, videos and floor plans.